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Urgent Notice

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ZPYC Personnel Change Notification

                                                  Emergency Notification

Dear Valued Customers:


Zhangpu Yicai Fruit&Vegetable Co.,Ltd has engaged in the fresh fruit&vegetable business for 30 years. Our company tenet and mission “ Quality First , Customer First “ and we regard good reputation such as life. With your continued support , we are growing rapidly.


Recently one salesgirl of our company “ Wu chunxian”吴春贤 (English name “ Anne Wu and another name” Lyra”). She borrowed money from our company on March 11st 2014 and recently leave from our company without reason. She refused to do work handover and stealed company commercial customers information!!! and continue to use our company We-chat and skype for contacting our company overseas customers and says our company bad words , she maliciously framed our company and seriously affects the company image.


Specially we should explain the situation to your customers. Now what she does and behaves don't represent our company. please don't believe her and her rumors . Please prevent being cheated!!!

                                                                              Inquiry Call: +86-596-3218688



                                                                                  General Director: Cai Youcai

                                                                             Zhangpu Yicai Fruit&Vegetable Co.,Ltd


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