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Emergency Notification

Number of visits: Date:2015年7月2日 22:47


Dear Valued Customers:


     In 2014 ,one of our company sales ,her Chinese name is  吴春贤and her English name is “Anne” and another is” Lyra” . She borrowed money from our company and till now she didn't return it no reason to resign ,refused to do work handover . She stole our company customers’ information and deleted  the guests profile , contact our company customers in private and secretly ,says our company bad words and create story out of nothing .She maliciously framed our company and seriously affects our company good image. and cause our company huge losses


Later, she did one fake company on the internet (Fofresh Agricultura* Product* Co.,Ltd) –www.fofres*.com . Now recently she registered a  company by others’ name (漳州育兴园*产品有限公司-Zhangzhou Yuxinyua* Agricultura* product* co.,ltdand changed her English name as COCO,Mob: 15*60525185 ,E-mail:yuxinyua*


If she contacts you and pls pay special attention to her about it to prevent fraud and avoid unnecessary losses . If she again changes her name, telephone and we will inform you in the first time.


Hope you can fight for justice . Thanks a lot!


                       Zhangpu Yicai Fruit&Vegetable Co.,Ltd



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